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Stopak’s Striker Inflator, designed specifically for airbag inflation, provides reliable, long-lasting performance in all types of loading environments. Its single action construction allows for accurate inflation pressure, while eliminating the instances of early engagement.

Operational efficiency features like easy alignment and 360 engagement coupled with its adaptable design that allows for utilization in tight spaces makes the Striker Inflator an ideal choice for any application.

Striker Inflator

July 21, 2017
Stopak, a leading manufacturer of cargo securing products, launched a refresh of its brand unveiling a new logo. Stopak’s new logo represents the Company’s vision of becoming the most innovative company in the world to help move products safely during all phases of transit.

For nearly 30 years, Stopak has delivered innovative cargo securing products, from dunnage bags to liquid liners, while providing customers with superior customer support and guidance throughout their selling process. Recent changes have them reprioritizing their focus to their flagship product line, dunnage bags.

With the most recent changes, Stopak viewed now as an ideal time to refresh their company’s brand and logo to signify their commitment to growth and change, while maintainingStopak logo the same principles that have made them a leader in the market. Stopak collaborated with a team of design professionals to develop a logo that retains those elements rooted in their history, while modernizing the look to symbolize their dedication to innovation. The result is a logo that combines the use of their traditional and industry-recognized blue coupled with a stylized graphic to capture the company’s dynamic future direction. The new logo demonstrates the essence of their driving forces, including innovation, quality and dedication to customer satisfaction, while marking the beginning of a successful new chapter of growth.

In conjunction with the launch of its new logo, Stopak also introduced the new tagline “The Cargo Securing Specialists,” representing the Company’s dedication to driving innovation through research and development of new products to meet their customer requirements.

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