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Social Responsibility

As a trusted name in the cargo industry, Stopak is not only committed to the products we manufacture but also the communities where we operate. We believe social responsibility is a critical component to any business’s success. As such, we have a number of initiatives that focus heavily on the education and health of those who work with us, for us, their families as well as the communities that we live and operate in.

Educational Programs

Stopak donates money to the schools in our communities, providing those necessities that help with operations. From toilets to benches and blackboards, we will continue to provide provisions for education where we can, supporting the success of future generations. And beginning in 2018, we will expand our efforts to include educational financial support for the children of those who work for Stopak.

Health and Wellness Programs

Our other initiatives focus on the health and wellness of our employees. Things like free yearly health checks and other programs that establish work/life balance help reinforce our commitment to our staff.

Health and Wellness Programs Website
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